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Okay, so, I don't know how many of you noticed, but DCC has turned into a Dating Agency, apparently. I guess that's my fault LOL. But getting to the point, I came up with an idea for an event on Valentines day, and Razor saw what I pitched and figured it'd be worth a shot to ask in CQ&F. So here I am, pitching my idea. Here's what I said in DCC:

Basically have the Hstaff assign people a person to be with on V-day, be it as a pair or a cute couple, etc. Easiest way I can think of how to actually make this happen and succeed would be to make a thread in about a week's advance (tomorrow) explaining the event and people would comment saying they'd like to join the event. Their name would be added to the main post (I guess w/ gender and such, and if they want, they can say their preference, or if they're undecided. That's a grey area, though, not sure how to work that).

After we have people who signed up for it, Hstaff creates couples by lottery and announces them on the thread. And for the rest of the day, or hell, maybe for the rest of the week, the couple does as they please. They can be silly with each other that's you and me, RL, flirt, become a pair, etc. I guess you can have a Valentine's Day chat thread if you want, where people talk V-Day stuff and couple stuff. And from their on, have a good time. Who knows, new friendships can be made, or even better! Of course, emblems must be created for joining. Hell, maybe even a Prom King/Queen type award/emblem for the cutest couple. Me and Razor would win that, of course.
Umm... the stuff with me and Razor. Ignore that. Anyway, I think it'd be a cute thing to happen, and people who aren't comfortable with it don't have to do it, of course. Entirely optional. Like I said, a great way to get to know new people and such. I'd even host it myself, but I wouldn't have the time for that, sadly.

Cupid's Arrow is just a name I made off the top of my head, for the record, feel free to change it.

I think that's everything I wanted to say. Approve, disapprove? =D

If we do do this, Hstaff, hook me up with Razor.
he did it, not me.
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