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Originally Posted by Quote View Post
Y'beat me to it.

Geez, that comic just about sums up how we're all going to feel when they release the starter evolutions.

I personally prefer Fennekin for the looks right now, but that isn't taking into account stats and whatnot.

I've been entertaining the prospect of a fourth starter, and I think they might be able to pull it off, whether it's a Pikachu-like Pokemon or a normal-type that has no weakness but no strength against the other starters...

Just me tossing an idea around. What do you think?
Interesting on paper, but my question lies within how it would work out if it was applied to the games, in which my guess would be: not very well. XD

It would help for the indecisive(sort of) person, who has a fourth option to choose of the three don't really suffice any, and having neutrality against the three starters would brush off any worries about typing, but for consistency purposes, I don't really see that happening in the near future, just to keep the whole "three starters to choose from" tradition alive.

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