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Name: Rowan Macmurray
Gender: Male
Alignment: Citadel (White Tide, see history)
Nationality: Kinroth
History: Though typically not directly affiliated with the Citadel, (and with a few rumors that he does not follow the Citadel's teachings) Captain Macmurray's proven aptitude in the war are utilities that cannot be ignored. Patron of Azuma City, captain of the Mistrider, and influential leader in the campaign against the black market, privateers, and more recently the Carendorians, Macmurray is a useful ally to have.

Born to a fisherman in a humble town on the coast of Kinroth, Rowan spent a great deal of his childhood learning his father's trade, following in his footsteps. Though to most an unremarkable man, he had a profound effect upon young Rowan. His had been a fisherman all his life, in his younger days he would partake in fishing outings in large ships, but he ultimately decided to settle down after the birth of Rowan. He taught his son all the essentials of being a proper sailor. Two things were very important to Rowan's father: honor and loyalty, which Rowan to this day has held up as some of the most important traits one can uphold.

It was in these days in the small town that Rowan believed he would grow up to be a fisherman like his father, and his biggest dream was to one day own his own ship, such that he may be in charge of the fishing trips his father had often reminisced about. Needless to say, things did not turn out exactly that way.

It was much to Rowan's surprise when he and his family suddenly moved to Azuma. The death of a great uncle Rowan had never known had caused his father to gain a large inheritance, the great uncle having no heirs of his own and his brother, Rowan's grandfather, long dead. A piece of this inheritance was the great uncle's illustrious home, which just so happened to be in Azuma City. Along with a change of scenery came a wealth of new opportunities, one of these the chance to train as a seaman and to be part of a crew. Rowan jumped at the chance.

At first, Rowan had to jump from ship to ship, going along with any who would take him. Eventually, after gaining a deal of experience, he had found a crew that would regularly hire him. They worked in the shipping industry, bringing cargo from the port of one island to the port on the other. Sure, he wasn't a fisherman, but Rowan was part of a crew now, and he was making good money to boot.

One day, on a voyage back from Carendor, the ship Rowan was serving on was attacked by privateers. Though he and the rest of the crew managed to escape with their lives, they had lost the cargo they were shipping. This financial blow, coupled with the rising threats of piracy in the waters was enough to put the small independent shipping company out of business. The fact was that they simply did not have the money to afford the proper protection while still making deliveries, nor the luxury to waste resources taking longer, safer routes to destinations. The company resolved to split whatever profits they had remaining and disband. Rowan's sum was not as much as some may think, given that most of the profits from one trip went right back into funding the next. Still though, the money he had made was substantial, and Rowan had a new goal to spend it on: he wanted to fight not only the crime on the open waters, but also that which occurred locally.

So it was that Rowan rallied whatever forces he could to coordinate and execute attacks on criminals, starting with the black market deals that took place within Azuma. It started out simple, raids on deals and ships that came into port that were known to carry illegal goods, the capture and interrogation of those involved, and the ever-continuing search for more deal locations, suppliers, and potential members of the admittedly rag-tag group of vigilantes.

It was on one of these raids that Rowan met a Buizel who had shown ingenuity not only to escape its captors, but also to incapacitate them. This all happened during Rowan's raid. Upon first contact, the Buizel was hostile towards Rowan, and attacked him. It was only after a party of mercenaries in employment of the black market traders showed up and a few times saving one another's lives that Rowan and the Buizel found the prospect of working together. Naming it Skipper, the two have worked alongside each other ever since, in times of late the Buizel has evolved into a Floatzel. Nowadays, Skipper regularly assists Rowan in everything from fighting to sailing ships. (A rumor has started stating that the two along could pilot a ship through a storm.) Skipper tends to be a bit hot-headed. More of an 'action first' thinker, and stubborn to no end. Being stubborn, though, does have its advantages when your opponent insists there is no possible way for you to pull through.

Over the years, Rowan's gang grew, as did his fame and fortune. He had amassed enough wealth to obtain a ship, calling it the Mistrider, which sails with the other ships that would join in its crusade on crime at sea. In years of late, Rowan has ascended the social ladder and has become an influential member in Azuma, his reach sometimes extending far beyond the city. When the war started, and the coastal cities began being threatened by the Legion, it was only natural that Rowan's group, recently dubbed the White Tide, turn its attention towards the new threat. Backed by Citadel forces, Rowan has shown a deal of success in repelling Legion ships that would have posed a threat to Kinroth.

Seeing Rowan's efforts in the war, it was not unexpected for the Citadel to contact him. Though Rowan directly joined the the Citadel army, remaining a third party backing the Citadel, he has become involved in its affairs, acting as sort of a representative of the White Tide, which is considered as much a mercenary band as vigilantes. Granted, relations between him (and the White Tide as a whole) and the Citadel can be shaky at some times. Rowan doesn't always agree with Citadel policies, especially when they concern his home area. On the other side, certain members of the Citadel feel uneasy about the almost private army of the White Tide in employment of Azuma rather than the state as a whole, and feel as if the band may switch sides at any moment. Still, the White Tide's assistance is a help to the Citadel, and the White Tide would not be able to accomplish nearly as much without Citadel support, so the two tolerate each other.

Personality: Charismatic, anti-crime, and no doubt passionate about what he does. Rowan enjoys the luxury of higher living, if not spoiled by it, but not without the spirit of a small-town man who knows about a hard day's work. Rowan tends to act familiar around people, regardless if such familiarity exists or not. He is no stranger to a lighthearted quip or a loose-tongued remark. He is not afraid to be blunt or to say things exactly how they are, in fact, her prefers it that way. His past achievements and practical leadership of the White Tide give him an air of confidence, perhaps overly so, and also a sense of business. In short, a fairly friendly man who prefers to get right down to business when there is business to be done.

In the same light of getting down to business, Rowan greatly prefers direct engagement over other means in most any situation. Being in the position he is, Rowan is no stranger to parlay or negotiation with enemies, but that does nothing to say of his liking for it. When possible, he prefers direct confrontation, especially when it comes to criminals or enemies. In Rowan's eyes, if one has committed a wrong, they must answer for their actions and a person is irredeemable until all dues are paid and all debts settled. The line between acquaintance and foe is not a hard one to cross, either. An enemy of the law is an enemy of Rowan. An enemy of the White Tide is an enemy of Rowan. An enemy of the Citadel is an enemy of Rowan. When it comes to those things, Rowan has no remorse nor regret.

Pokemon: Floatzel (Skipper)
Current Hometown: Azuma City
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