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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
Catacombs would be amazing in my opinion! Also, I'd love to see an obelisk or maybe a haunted temple of some sort? I think the latter two are less likely, since the region appears to be based on France, but I'd like them nonetheless! I like the haunted areas in Pokemon games, they're interesting elements to the story. It'd be cool if they played a larger role and we got to learn more of the history of these places.

But as for more places, maybe a haunted vineyard would be cool? Just kidding of course, but that makes me think - what about a whole route or something that's supposedly haunted? It'd be like a haunted bog willed with fog, and there could be eerie music and maybe a hinkypunk pokemon that would try to lead you astray?
Haunted vineyard sounds totally okay, and logical to find in the region. All the grapejuice found there or w/e would reduce your Pokemon's happiness, due to it being "haunted"! Also it'd be fun to explore at night imo.
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