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Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post
A ghost town, catacombs, or a plain old cemetery. Those all sound fun. We've had a few towers, namely Lavender and Celestial, Mt. Pyre, and the Old Chateau. I keep seeing something about a Haunted Mansion in B2/W2 . . . is that the same as the Litwick mansion from the anime? I've yet to play them, and that episode happens to be one of the few I've seen of BW, lol.

But, after watching < this > video a few days ago, I've felt the need for some creepy pokemon stuff. I mean, it adds to the fun, after all, lol.

Just the act of having no music play could make it so much creepier . .. lonely . . . oh my.
A ghost town might work, but it kind of seems a waste of a town tbh. Unless maybe it's part of the main quest, where you get rid of the evil ghosts, and then it becomes populated, idk.

Anyone else want someone to be kidnapped by a Hypno and you have to save them?
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