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I get what you are trying to say, although I was more pointing out that just because a lot of people see no need for Gen III games to be made doesn't mean that they couldn't be. HGSS were just as pointless in that sense.

If you're going the whole region connection route, that can be used for both sides. With the Dsi and onward lacking a GBA slot and the older versions being discontinued, in a way Hoenn(and Kanto, as the stand alone original like you mentioned) have lost their connectivity. That would also keep remakes relevant when you think about it.

Btw, Lugia and Ho-oh were both available in Gen III, remember the Naval Rock event? If not there, you could always trade Ho-oh from Colosseum and Lugia from XD(after purifying the latter) which of course didn't require events. By normal means or not, they were still available.
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