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    Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
    Btw, Lugia and Ho-oh were both available in Gen III, remember the Naval Rock event? If not there, you could always trade Ho-oh from Colosseum and Lugia from XD(after purifying the latter) which of course didn't require events. By normal means or not, they were still available.
    To get to Naval Rock you had to attend an Event in New York (for americans as none others were done) to get the Event Ticket to go there. Lugia and Ho-oh were Event Pokemon in Gen 3 which treats them like Jiranchi and Deoxys. By that I mean they don't count for anything. You can get Ho-oh and Lugia easier and more efficiently in G/S/C/HG/SS as they are mandatory encounters. Any game that is not part of the main series does not count either as they do not effect any decision made by Gamefreak nor do they influence any of the Main Series games.

    DSi was not a "New DS" but an Upgraded DS. Even if they were not compatible with GBA, the series they were born into were still compatible. DS and DSlite are compatible and by extension DSi and DSiXL are factored in with them in the larger view.

    With the games moving to the 3DS we move back to the 50:50 chance as now there is a slight need for remakes, but the need to remake them is no where as bold as it was for Gens 1 and 2. Even if we get Gen 3 remakes, we'll get Gen 1 remakes since they were still on the same system meaning if one gets remade, they both have the same chance of being remade.

    Just to mix things up as they have been, we may get one of each. With the new goal of "Evolving the Pokemon World" I don't believe we'll get any more remakes anytime soon. Unless they do a focus change from Evolving the games to something dealing with preserving or reliving the past.