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    Name: Mario Retna
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Citadel
    Nationality: Kinroth
    History: To say that Mario's life was filled with tragedy, drama, and a constant struggle to live would laughable. Even though he was born in Shell City, Mario was not born to a fisherman. Yes, quite intriguing isn't it? If not a fisherman, then why would he call Shell City his home? It is a city full of those who live off of the sea right? Well, Mario was actually born into a family of soldiers. Yes, for many generations his family has served the Citadel, working to ensure that it remains intact and that they would serve the High Ruler and the Council with all of their heart and soul. For the first few years of his life Mario was trained underneath his father who was unfortunately disabled due to an injury when he partook in battle. He learned how to use various weapons such as maces and swords to find the perfect fit for his training. Since children weren't taken in until a certain age he had a good number of years to learn the various battle stances and defensive maneuvers that served the rest of his family whenever they fought. This of course led him to be socially awkward around other children his age. While they were busy playing near the water or socializing while they went out on the boats he would strike trees and make shift dummies with his wooden weapons. Often times he would wonder why these other children were concerned with play when a war was going on and sooner or later they would have to fight in some way.

    By the time he had turned ten he had already accepted using a mace as his prime weapon. More powerful than a sword, but a bit slower as well, it was a surprise when he traveled with his parents on his birthday to The Citadel to see the very city where the High Ruler resided. As they toured the city his parents were more than apt to drill it into his head that when he grew up into a strong soldier he would be one of the many who would take responsibility to ensure the city would never be taken and that those who resided in it would be able to count on him to protect them. It was a unique vision to the young lad who wanted more than anything to follow in his father's footsteps and strive to be the best soldier he could be.

    Upon returning Mario continued his training and learned how to use a bow, although he wasn't as efficient with it as he was with his mace. Two more years passed and by this time Mario had long been ostracized by his peers for simply neglecting the community he grew up in. He wasn't one to partake in local events or to even ask girl's out on dates. He remained diligent in carrying on his parent's legacy for when he enlisted, seeing it as the highest priority he would ever have. His father surprised him one day by having him head out on his first 'quest'. When his father had been young he had gone off to find his partner pokemon, the very being he would entrust his life to on the battlefield and likewise who would place its trust in him. Mario gathered only a few supplies for a small trip and headed off down the road to find a pokemon worthy of being essentially his warrior soul mate. The road stuck mainly near the water side allowing Mario to come upon various water type and flying type pokemon. Since Shell City was nearby most of these pokemon were used to a human presence and didn't run away. Luckily, these pokemon knew about the forces in the Citadel and knew that if they could impress the boy then they would be on their way to having various needs attended to them.

    It seemed that no matter which pokemon came up to Mario he always found a flaw that ended up with him shaking his head. There were those that displayed overly aggressive behavior, or would wind up in a situation where they showed carelessness, and all other matter of things came into play such as personalities. Mario would always move on leaving disappointed pokemon behind. It was at his third stop that he came upon yet another group of pokemon who eagerly showed off for the boy or strived to earn his attention. As he eliminated pokemon after pokemon from his list he had only one left. It was actually a pokemon who hadn't tried to show off, but had stood off to the side with a distant look in its eyes. The Psyduck didn't try to boast itself to the boy, or attempt to sabotage another pokemon's performance. Rather, it had waited patiently for the others to take their turns before simply stepping up bowing a bit to show its respect. It was the attitude that Mario was looking for and he led the Psyduck back to his home. Although his father looked upon the strange pokemon with a bit of concern, he did say that it was Mario's choice after all.

    With his partner set Mario set out with the task to teach the water type all that he knew and although the Psyduck was a bit slow he would eventually catch onto the lesson and put all of his effort into the training... even though his effort was lackluster to say the least. The yellow duck ended up constantly missing his targets, would use his psychic abilities without forewarning, and even didn't know when he was threatened. By the end of his fifteenth year Mario was struggling to have the duck so much as remember how to put out a fire. The lad was seriously doubting whether or not he would even be accepted into the soldier's ranks with such a weak pokemon as his partner, but he still continued on noting that perseverance was always a trait to have as a soldier.

    Still though, it worried him greatly when he had reached the age of eighteen and was eligible to enter the line of duty. Although Neptune was rather happy being his partner pokemon Mario still held some doubts as to whether he should have picked another pokemon. Regardless, he packed up his equipment and departed from the house and headed to The Citadel. Due to Neptune's rather... lacking performance Mario was assigned to the Venus Encampment to basically stay out of the way while the real soldiers participated in battle. The assignment left Mario furious and he ended up taking it out on Neptune every now and then to the Pysduck's dismay. He did eventually calm down and accepted that he would most likely never see the frontlines. For a year the two stayed in this camp performing simple tasks around the camp that left a bitter taste in Mario's mouth. One day the camp turned to panic as there grew news of a fire started by the Legion in an attempt to weed out the soldiers.

    Mario was called upon to head to the fire and take it out as quickly as possible and seeing it was his chance to prove himself headed off with Neptune. It turned out even the fire was a trap as Legion soldiers attacked any pokemon that tried to put out the flames. Although Neptune was doing his best to prove himself to Mario the flames were spreading too quickly but Mario made sure to urge Neptune on. With Neptune occupied Mario found himself surrounded by several soldiers and fire pokemon and while he did manage to beat back a soldier or two, the fire from the pokemon was causing him intense pain. Mario really didn't know what had happened when he blacked out. All he knew was that the flames were dispersing when he came to and that there was a Golduck that was protecting him.

    Based upon the reports of other soldiers who were there Neptune ended up evolving and used his new found psychic powers to beat back soldiers and pokmeon alike and aided the other pokemon in extinguishing the fire. Due to his heroics as well as Neptune's increase in power he was reassigned to the Blast Warfront Encampment where he has remained for the last few years as he has even gained his own small squadron of troops to command with his new rank of Commander. Recently word was gotten to Mario that the Council was requesting his presence and after promoting another to Commander while he was temporarily away he set off with Neptune to The Citadel to serve his kingdom.

    Personality: Due to the many years he has been at war Mario has one thing that many seem to loose, perseverance. Taking the lessons his parents taught him to heart, he always makes sure to go for his best no matter the circumstance. He also shows a large amount of dedication to his superiors by rarely complaining about a task, instead working until the task is finished, and many times working as quickly as he can if he particularly dislikes the task. Even though the war has brought out the best in him, it has also awakened his nightmares. There are many times when he will stay up all night due to the images he has seen. Broken bodies, blood on the ground, and those are the images that don't even come close to causing him to tremble anymore. It has gotten to the point where he will sleep with at least a dagger by his side in case there are any surprise attacks by the enemy.

    His relationship with Neptune meanwhile has blossomed. Ever since the Golduck evolved he has made sure to include him in all of his activities. Wherever Mario goes Neptune ALWAYS follows, no exceptions. The one weakness Mario knows he has is for his partner. He knows that if anything were to happen to Neptune he might just crack.

    He holds high esteem toward his other soldiers and while some might not have the most respectable of positions his time in the Venus Forest allowed him just the briefest glance into their world. Of course, traitors and such are not tolerated by Mario and if he does see a soldier more than happily avoiding his duty to the Citadel he is one to make sure he pays for his crimes.

    Partner Pokémon + Nickname (if applicable): Golduck (Neptune)
    Pokmeon Personality (Because I think pokemon should have personalities and mostly for some flavor ): Neptune shares the same pain his master has. Due to being up close and personal with other pokemon he too shares his own unique scars telling of the many battles he has survived. Since he belongs to a commander Neptune is used to being respected by other soldiers and their pokemon. Although he does respect a young pokemon's decision to enter the war, he tends to stay distant from them since many times it is the younger ones that end up dying quickly.

    Due to his typing he tends to be wary around electric and grass type pokmeon, even if they are part of the same forces. Instincts can suck like that. If anything, it is only thanks to Mario that Neptune has built up a bit of courage to approach them. In battle Neptune focuses on staying with Mario and focusing on any pokemon that intend to harm him. While the two have often snapped at each other due to the stressful situation, Neptune still considers himself loyal to Mario.

    Current hometown: Shell City.
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