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    This very much resembles the basic idea I had for a Pokemon fantasy RP. Glad to see you did the work for me. I believe I signed up for the original Aether's Edge too but I do miss the map you had if I recall corectly. Even so, this is fascinating and I want to take part.

    Xoxaa Wyrmoka
    << < << Origin >> > >>
    A Female of

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, Citadel/Legion*/Other (clarify) raised in the land of

    Nationality: Heaven, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kinroth, Carendor**, If not from Carendor/Kinroth, why did you immigrate?: who as of late resides in

    Current hometown: Satan's Throne bish!, One of the Kinrothean towns/cities.

    *If you select Legion as your faction, write as though your character is a spy - the Council would have no reason for summoning somebody they knew was allied with the Legion.
    **Remember that no matter which region your character is from, the technology and general culture is at the same level. They didn't come from super-advanced Kanto on the Fast Ship to sightsee in medieval Erilyn.
    << < << Personality >> > >>
    Personality: Maniacal!

    << < << Lore >> > >>
    History: The best there ever was...

    [ your involvement in the guerrilla crusades against the encroaching Legion forces into southern Carendor at the young age of 12. Although the region was ultimately lost to Legion control, your victory over their force commander sent their forces into chaos and gave the defenders a chance to retaliate and counter the invasion until the Legion's forces were reinforced by soldiers from the main offensive. You also assisted in the evacuation of the weak and injured from the area and guided them to safety when the battle for Carendor would be lost. ]

    [ you are an heir of the Wyrmoka Clan, warriors who respect the gift of nature and who train the mighty dragon-type. Thus, you've been raised with the knowledge, wisdom, and combat skill that all heirs of Wyrmoka are taught at a young age. Despite suffering near extinction from the Legion's hordes, you managed to survive the catastrophe of your clan despite your youth and have since resorted to mercenary work across the countryside, defeating various unlawfuls and bandits, delivering important goods to many towns, and even keeping at bay Legion scouts and saboteurs. Your dedication to your line of work has been noted throughout the land, as your kind, calm, and quiet demeanor and the thoroughness of your work have been on many reports of your activity across Kinroth. ]

    Examples: childhood, lifestyle, war involvement, enlistment, partner Pokémon, etc. - A couple of good paragraphs here.
    << < << Pokemon >> > >>

    Partner Pokémon + Nickname (if applicable):
    ??? the Dratini

    Only one; more will be available to you as you progress. Yes, ANY SPECIES (excluding legendaries).

    Consider this a reservation if I may. You may notice that I'm borrowing from my old app. from the last RP but as of right now, everything's a work in progress.

    I do have a question though: are we allowed to make up our own hometown, birthplace and regions within Erilyn in regards to our character's history so long as they're not in conflict with the regions and lore already set in place? Also, is the Legion an evil faction or is the two faction conflict more of a gray or neutral one? The motives of the Three aren't really explained but the vibe from reading the plot implies that the Legion are the bad guys.
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