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    I loved my elementary school teachers - I still talk to my 4th and 5th grade teachers on Facebook once in a while, and I went to my 4th grade teacher's wedding about eight years ago.

    My middle school teachers were either love or hate, I had one who was rather rude who threatened to give my friend and I detention because we were in the hall (she was getting a textbook from her locker) during lunch, when we should have been in the cafeteria (they literally corraled us there...) and she said if anything was stolen that we'd be the suspects, wth?

    For the most part my high school teachers were pretty generic, just kinda there for a paycheck and not really engaging except the teachers who coached sports and had the athletes in their class. For the most part, high school was just a slightly more free middle school, haha.

    But, the impact my elementary school teachers had on me is actually the main reason why I'm going for a Bachelor's in primary education and eventually a teaching certificate right now.
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