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PlatinumDude and Sweets Witch basically nailed the meaning here, but yes they are right, Black and White is mostly seen as sort of a "reboot" of the Pokemon games, it has several elements similar to the Red/Blue/Yellow days, like the regional Pokedex only compiling of Pokemon from the region that was featured, several Unova Pokemon resembling or filling roles of Kanto Pokemon (Woobat, Roggenrola, Timburr etc).

What Game Freak were trying to do with these games was to give a fresh look and bring back the memories of Red/Blue/Yellow, especially to the older players like myself. It's like the same experience as with R/B/Y. Even though I never played anything before 3rd Gen, I still think the game felt fresh and totally revamped, and coupled with an epic story is what made Black and White favorites of mine, and probably for years to come.
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