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    Kakusu - Cafeteria
    "Hey--!" Kakusu heard the boy said with his voiced raised slightly. He heard the boy yell at him. “You little pest!! Watch where you're tripping!!”

    Before he could get to his feet, he felt the contents of his tray drop on his head and hit the floor. The apple and the milk bottle hit the floor although it didn’t burst open.

    Kakusu stood up with a slouched posture with his back towards Solo before turning to where the voice was coming from and scratched his head. He had an urge to grab the boy’s jerky bag and spit in it but he knew that wouldn’t make anything better. He brushed himself off and gave out a low chuckle.

    "You're the brat who told the teacher on me, huh? You ruined my day yesterday, and you're starting again today. Give me three reasons I shouldn't do the same to your face."

    “I’m sorry” Kakusu said quietly but sincerely with a calm voice. His hair was covering his eyes but he still managed to make out Solo through the blanket of hair and frown at him. He just wanted to apologize to this boy for yesterday but apparently he took this gesture the wrong way but who wouldn’t.

    “I didn’t tell the teacher anything so he must have come of his own accord.” Kakusu said in response to Solo, choosing to ignore Solo’s latter statement. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to wipe the floor clean with this boy in a fight even though he probably wouldn’t fight back. He just seemed to be an ill-mannered person and apparently Kakusu wouldn’t be able to just ignore him forever but it might work for now. Kakusu picked up his milk and apple and took a sip of the milk before turning away from Solo and starting to walk away slowly to find another spot to sit.

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