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    Name: Olivie (Pronounced Oh-liv-long e sound-ay) Castile Romanov, the First
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Citadel
    Nationality: Kinrothean

    History: Olivie Castile Romanov is the first-born daughter to the Romanov family. The Romanov's have been high-ranking members of society in Kinroth for hundreds of years. Being among the wealthiest of Kinroth's families, the Romanovs have funded, or funded-in-part, a majority of the projects proposed by the Council to further the progress of the Kinrothean nation. As such, they have always been looked upon as a family of dignity, honor, loyalty and, above all else, power. House rivalries and politics have largely left the Romanov's unscathed, although there are rumors of a fierce hatred between House Romanov and House Fairloire. Whether or not these rumors are true is known only to the respective houses.

    Olivie Castile Romanov the First was born on a crisp, winter's day in the month of December. A squalling babe, the young girl was destined, according to her grandmother, to become an embarrassment so large that the Romanov House would eventually collapse due to the girl's birth. Olivia's birth was actually much of a disappointment to her immediate family. Olivia's mother, Lorelei Rosemary Romanov the Fifth, was so desperately hoping for a boy as her first-born. Her father, Alecsander Giovanni Ricardo Romanov the First, also had hopes that his first child was a boy in order to succeed him as Head of the Romanov House. Lorelei, in an attempt to save face, inquired the possibility of Olivie becoming the Head of House. However, strict family traditions have made it all but impossible to even suggest at a woman being the Head of House. Needless to say, Olivie's unfortunate sex led to attempts at a second child. Olivie herself was all but forgotten by her mother and father and left to be taken care of by the multitude of servants that kept the Romanov family estate in order.

    Olivie's first few years of life had mainly been focused on being taught not to touch anything in the house that was not her possession and also to not drool on any of the furniture. At the age of 4, Olivie was burdened with a younger sibling, a brother named Giovanni Michael Gregory Romanov the First. The child's successful birth and sex made Olivie's parents almost happy to have a daughter now, so that their new son could have someone close to his age to play with. Obviously, Olivie did not share Alecsander and Lorelei's enthusiasms. To the young Romanov, the crying infant was but a nuisance. Although, later in life, Olivie would see that the birth of her brother was a blessing in disguise.

    As the next few years passed, Olivie began to show interest in unladylike activities such as sword-play and archery. Her mother Lorelei couldn't dain to have a tomboy for a daughter and was quick to hire a tutor to teach young Olivie in the fine arts of needlework, painting, writing and dancing. However, Olivie proved to be a terrible pupil. The young Romanov girl lacked the patience for needlework, could not paint a picture of even passing quality, and was cursed with two left feet. Her only saving grace was that Olivie did show promise in writing and literature. She learned her alphabet in just under a week's time and could write exceptionally for a child of her age. To her tutor's surprise, Olivie also took a serious interest in books and would go so far as to take three or four novels to her bed each night and return them to her tutor in three days' time, having finished each in turn. Although Lorelei wished her daughter was more interested in the finer aspects of culture, she was at least content in knowing that Olivie hadn't been born an ogre in girl's clothing.

    Olivie's relationship with her father improved little during this time. Alecsander was fully absorbed in family politics and dealing in the Citadel, always lecturing his wife about the inadequacy of the Council and constantly prattling about the injustices done to the Romanovs, even thought they were the nation's largest benefactors. Olivie's relationship with Giovanni, however, had flourished since the baby had grown old enough to walk and speak. Olivie would spend much of her afternoons playing with young Giovanni in the family gardens, always making sure to look after the boy so that he would not sustain injury.

    It was on Olivie's fourteenth birthday, during a party in which her entire family attended, that she proved to be the disappointment her grandmother, Rosalie, had always said she would be. When asked by her father what she would like for her birthday, Olivie answered that she would like to be trained by the Citadel's finest sword master in the art of knighthood. Lorelei, Rosalie, and the other Romanovs who were in attendance stopped their mindless chattering and stared at the girl in abject horror. Olivie's cousins, twin girls by the names of Ginger and Sage, blurted out that Olivie was a boy in girl's clothing all along! Her grandmother raved about how much shame Olivie would bring to the Romanov name and even Olivie's own mother stated that she could never admit to having a daughter who wished to practice the butchery of being a knight. Olivie's father slammed his fist down on the oaken table where the family was gathered to eat and said with finality, "If my daughter wishes to be a knight, then she shall do just that. I will hear no further talk about Olivie being a disappointment to this family." This was one of the only moments in Olivie's life where her father ever showed any affections for her.

    Over the next few years, Olivie succumbed to the harshest forms of physical training that could be endured. Alecsander had the Citadel's finest knights training Olivie day and night, all the while dealing with Lorelei's belittling comments about how the girl would die of exhaustion before she finished the first week. However, Olivie proved her mother wrong. The young Kinrothean was much more physically able than anyone had thought she'd be. By the time Olivie had completed her first six months of training, the girl was already able to defeat House Romanov's most skilled guards with little trouble. Olivie's ties with Giovanni had begun to be undone during this time. As Olivie trained day-in and day-out to become a knight, Giovanni had begun his studies to become a respectable aristocrat. In a little over a year, Giovanni had already proven to be brighter than his father and mother could have hoped. The young boy's achievements in mathematics, history and literature outshone all of Olivie's accomplishments as a knight-in-training, much to the girl's disappointment.

    When Olivie turned eighteen, her father again proved to her that, somewhere beneath all that political talk and professionalism, he cared for his daughter. As a gift, Alecsander gave Olivie her very first Pokemon, a Dratini. Olivie, having only played with the wild Pokemon in the gardens as a child and riding on the Ponyta owned by the family, had no idea how to raise her new partner, but she was intent on doing so to the best of her ability. Training and raising Dratini proved to be much more difficult than Olivie had thought. The young draconic Pokemon was stubborn and entirely unwilling to obey any of Olivie's commands. The young Romanov almost quit on her Dratini until the faithful day that changed everything.

    It was a stormy December afternoon. Olivie and Dratini had been attempting to train before the storm brought hail and sleet down upon the world, but things weren't going well. Dratini was, once again, being stubborn and feigning deafness to Olivie's commands. "Agh! Fine, don't listen to me, you uncouth serpent!" Olivie had barked before storming off. Dratini had remained where it was, glad to finally be free of the obnoxious girl's presence. That is, until the sky rented open and a cacophony of ice-cold wind, sleet and hail fell down to the earth. The Dratini was caught entirely by surprise and only made it a little ways to the Romanov manor before finding itself buried beneath the snow and ice! As a Dragon, Dratini has a natural weakness to ice and quickly found itself succumbing to the effects of frostbite and hypothermia. However, just when it thought its life was over, the Pokemon felt a strong arm grab its tail and pull it free of the snow! Olivie, only a few steps from the manor, had turned around when she heard the howling winter winds, determined to find Dratini before the cold got to it.

    That event was the turning-point in Olivie and Dratini's relationship. After nursing her sick Pokemon back to health, Olivie found that Dratini obeyed her commands and was even enthusiastic about training. During one of their sessions, Dratini accidentally let loose a Flamethrower attack which charred a practice dummy that the servants had set up for Olivie. Olivie found the entire incident utterly hilarious and went on to name Dratini Fafnir, because of its fire-breathing power. It was another year before Dratini evolved into the even more powerful Dragonair and another year still before it evolved into its highest form, Dragonite. Throughout the entirety of their training, Olivie and Fafnir become closer and closer, becoming more than just Trainer and Pokemon, becoming brothers-in-arms.

    During her twenty-first year, Olivie addressed her family over dinner, informing them that her instructors had deemed her beyond further training. Lorelei simply ignored her daughter, refusing to acknowledge the fact that Olivie had managed to stick this knighthood business for seven years. Giovanni suggested that Olivie take on studies in politics now that she had surpassed her teachers, which Olivie made no note of. Her father, however, praised Olivie and even went so far as to offer to put in a word for her with the Citadel about possible recruitment in the Citadel Knights, the Citadel's highest order of knights. Lorelei objected loudly and Giovanni resigned himself to eating his dinner. Olivie thanked her father profusely and the following day, she was taken to be examined by the Citadel Knights.

    The first part of the examination consisted of several endurance-based exercises, which Olivie passed with ease. The second part was all about sword fighing and archery, in which Olivie successfully hit all of her marked targets and managed to disarm every knight that attempted to defeat her. The final portion of the test involved taking down fifty of the Citadel's best swordsmen and their Pokemon without rest. Olivie and Fafnir passed the test in record time and by the time she left the examination that evening, Olivie was officially a knight of the Citadel.

    Upon hearing the news, Olivie's father clapped her on the shoulder and said, "I am proud of you, Olivie." That was the proudest moment of Olivie's life and nothing, not her mother's derogatory remarks nor her brother's disapproving looks, could ruin it for her. The following morning, Olivie and Fafnir left the Romanov Manor to become fully enlisted in the Citadel Knights. Leaving her family behind, Olivie did not feel grief or guilt. She knew that her parents preferred Giovanni, and she felt that her leaving would finally bring some happiness to her mother's heart.

    It has been three years since Olivie joined the Citadel Knights. Since then, she has been stationed all over Kinroth. Olivie has seen the horrors of war, experienced the heart-shattering tragedy of having a comrade die in her arms and has tasted the bittersweet drink of victory in those three years. All the while, Fafnir has stayed faithfully by her side. In her off-time on base, Olivie has devoted her time to political studies as her brother Giovanni once suggested. Occasionally, she writes to her father and receives a short response. It was during these three years that Olivive was promoted to the position of commander amongst her knightly brethren. When the assassination of the High Ruler occurred, Olivie was locked in combat against the Legion in the flatlands of Western Kinroth. Unable to do anything from her post except fight on, Olivie was kept informed on the turmoil at the Citadel by her father and his carrier Altaria.

    Now, Olivie is stationed again at the Citadel, taking residence in the commander's quarters of the Citadel Knights. With the current state of the Kinrothean government and the rising threat of the Legion, Olivie has been forced to stay where the Council can use her to her best abilities as a commander of the Citadel Knights.

    Personality: Olivie is what some might call, "Rough around the edges". However, this is putting it mildly. Social graces seemed to allude the young commander during her childhood years, leaving Olivie to be brusque and brutally honest during conversation. Her words are carefully chosen and rarely repeated. Olivie does not take compliments well, either. She feels that being praised for one's abilities is almost a mockery.

    Olivie is the very definition of military professionalism. She handles every situation as if her life and the lives of Kinroth hung in the balance, which in some cases, they do. Cool and calculating, Olivie never allows stress or emotion interfere with her choices in life. If asked why she is so cold, Olivie would mockingly respond, "Because cold blood bleeds slower than warm blood." Olivie cannot stand weakness. If a knight in her battalion so much as moans of an injury, Olivie will see to it that the man never sees battle again and is branded an embarrassment.

    When not in a military setting, Olivie is very distant and self-reserved. She spends her free time studying or reading for leisure or, if she does not wish to indulge in literature, Olivie spends her time with Fafnir. Some would consider her personal life lonesome, but Olivie has always known loneliness and carries it with her as a companion, not a burden. Fafnir is the only one in the world who understands her, and Olivie is content with this.

    Her favorite articles of literature include old war stories of deceased or retired knights and manuscripts written by Pokemon researchers. The science and myth behind the Pokemon that inhabit Kinroth has always held a fascination in Olivie's heart. She has a large collection of novels by the late scholar known as Maester Eldrich, the leading philosopher on the origins of Pokemon and the mythologies surrounding the various "legendary" Pokemon said to exist in the world.

    Battle-Styling: Olivie is not a cautious warrior. She runs into battle with swords drawn and her sole objective is to cut down as many of her opponents as possible while at the same time preventing her allies from being killed. Olivie battles using two longswords, a skill not easily mastered by even the most seasoned of knights. As such, Olivie never brings in a shield, mainly relying on Fafnir's Reflect and Light Screen skills to keep her from any serious harm. The blades that Olivie carries with her are tempered from Kinrothean adamantoise, some of the strongest material found naturally in Kinroth. Her right blade is named Anguish, her left is named Mercy. The other knights joke that the reasoning behind the names is that Olivie will cut down her opponent with Anguish and kill them with Mercy. Whether there is any truth behind this is known only to Olivie, and she hardly ever speaks about it to begin with.

    Partner Pokémon + Nickname (if applicable): Fafnir, the Dragonite

    Partner Pokémon History: Fafnir, prior to being Olivie's partner, was an incredibly rowdy Dratini. He was born and nurtured by his mother at Lake Z'Elf, the region's source of willpower. As such, Fafnir was very strong-willed. Before he was captured by the servants of House Romanov, Fafnir was hunted by a group of poachers who had planned on using him for a marauding wild lord's feast. Fafnir, however, proved to be a much more difficult Pokemon to capture. The poachers came unprepared, having no Pokemon and only a fishing net to use. Fafnir made quick work of the net with its inherit Flamethrower and proceeded to drive the poachers off with an impressive Dragon Rush attack. At around this time, Fafnir's mother left her child, as was custom amongst draconic Pokemon. It was after this that Fafnir was taken by the Romanovs to become Olivie's partner. The servants that came to the lake to capture Fafnir had a group of Ice-type Pokemon that made quick work of Fafnir, freezing it in a block of ice. Needless to say, Fafnir wasn't very pleased to have been defeated. However, he later warmed up to his new partner and developed a lasting friendship.

    Partner Pokémon Personality: Fafnir has been Olivie's faithful companion ever since his partner dragged Fafnir out of the freezing cold on that fateful December day. Fafnir is a very stalwart Pokemon, following Olivie's orders without second-questioning her motives. Although he is an incredibly loyal Pokemon, Fafnir is prone to periods of reckless action, especially in battle. He will follow Olivie's orders during battle in the vaguest of forms, allowing himself to improvise as necessary in order to optimize his combat skills and produce the least amount of injury to Olivie and himself. Outside of battle, Fafnir is a very docile Pokemon, prone to afternoon naps and mindless flights through the tranquil skies of Kinroth. He very much enjoys his groomings, which Olivie gives him daily and is likely to become fairly upset if he misses them.

    Partner Pok
    émon Battle Styling: Fafnir acts as an offensive field medic for Olivie when she is on the field. He quickly throws up barriers for Olivie to keep her from any serious harm and wards off incoming threats with his long-ranged skills like Flamethrower and Hyper Beam. When sent out to scout or do battle without Olivie, Fafnir is a full-on physical monstrosity. He tears into any foe within reach with deadly attacks such as Dragon Claw and Superpower, resorting to specially-offensive skills to snipe far-off enemies when none are within reach of his claws.

    Partner Pokémon Moves: Fafnir is capable of using the following attacks: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Roost, Thunder Wave, Dragon Rage, Slam, Agility, Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail, Safeguard, Wing Attack, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Hyper Beam, Hurricane, Hone Claws, Dragon Claw, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Reflect, Earthquake, Brick Break, Focus Blast, Sky Drop, Stone Edge, Surf, Fly, Strength, ExtremeSpeed, Dragonbreath, Aqua Jet, Dragon Pulse, Iron Tail, Draco Meteor, Heat Wave, Iron Head, Superpower

    Current hometown: The Citadel, Commander's Quarters

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