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Aertio – Cherrygrove City, Johto

Head in hands, Aertio waited for the nurse to return with his rapidly fainting Growlithe. Up until now, he had relied heavily on the lucky choices he had made, but now they had barely made it out of Route 29 alive and Growlithe was in intensive care. Sinking deeper into his palms, Aertio felt the onset of tears beginning to form at the recesses of his eyes. He wasn’t ready to die, not just yet anyway, but the thought of dying scared him; especially since it was this close. Gathering his strength, Aertio hear his username called over the PA system.

“That’s right,” he thought to himself, “as far as this game is concerned, the Oliver on the outside is dead. It’s Aertio now.”

Sidling up to the front counter, he was met with the gleeful glaze of Nurse Joy; a sleeping Growlithe in her arms. Aertio gently removed the peaceful hound from her arms, lifting his head up momentarily to thank whatever god was looking down upon him at this point in time. As soon as they left the centre, Growlithe bounded out of Aertio’s arms, looking as refreshed as the day Aertio had picked him as a starter. Smiling from ear to ear, Aertio made a beeline for the coast to the west of Cherrygrove where waves lapped at a sandy strip of beach.

Growlithe chased the waves back and forth and they proceeded upon the shoreline brining a hearty laugh from Aertio’s throat. In the week they had spent inside the game, Aertio had bonded greatly with Growlithe as if this game wasn’t so much pixels anymore but real life. Every day it became more apparent; the more time people spent in here, the quicker they were getting to settling down and treating the game as if it was real life.

Snapping back to reality, Aertio scanned the shoreline with no sign of Growlithe in site. He was about to panic when he heard Growlithe barking near the large cliff face that bordered the southern edge of the beach. As he drew closer, Aertio could see what Growlithe was barking at; a nest of two Spearow perched haphazardly on an outcropping halfway up the cliff. The two Spearow seemed to be fighting over an item that gleamed in the sun and Growlithe looked like he wanted to join in on the action.

“Sir, sir!” An old worn voice called out and Aertio turned to see a wizened old man with leathery skin limp across the beach to him. The NPC looked as if he spent the entire day on this beach; his skin parched and dried like parchment.

“Uh, how can I help?” Aertio replied, coming under the impression that this NPC happened to be a quest giver.

“Those Spearow took off with my Amulet Coin, if you could retrieve it for me, I can compensate you for your troubles.”

Reaching down to pick up a rock, Aertio replied to the man, “Uh, sure,” before tossing the rock up the cliff face. Despite being in a virtual game, Aertio still maintained a level of strength, accuracy and hand-eye co-ordination that he had back in the real world.

Striking true, the rock hit the beak of one of the Spearow, causing it to let the Amulet Coin tumble down into the rocky surf below. Simultaneously, the birds dove from their nest aiming for the coin now resting on level terrain. Growlithe surged forward to intercept the birds, Roaring loudly to scare the birds off, yet they simply responded by landing on nearby rocks; guarding the Amulet Coin zealously.


A gout of flames leapt from Growlithe’s mouth encasing one of the Spearows in a conflagration of burning air while the other quickly turned on Growlithe, furiously attacking him with its beak in a multitude of Fury Attacks.


Growlithe stopped dousing the Spearow in flames and turned to the one attacking him now, sinking his teeth into its soft, bodily flesh. The Spearow squawked in pain and oozing red data dripped from between Growlithe’s jaw. This alerted the burnt Spearow as it began diving at Growlithe, Pecking the soft flesh beneath his fur. In a yelp of pain, he opened his jaw, allowing the Spearow to escape.

Together, the Spearow dove at Growlithe in a flurry of Pecks and Fury Attacks as he Roared in protest and even managed to scorch a few feathers with various Ember attacks. After an intense minute, Growlithe came off the victor; the pair of Spearow falling to the ground fainted as their data slowly dissolved.

Aertio scoffed, all that effort for a measly coin, the reward would have to be something worthwhile.

“Thank you very much, here is my gift of thanks,” the man reached behind him, unlatching the Old Rod that had been tied to his back and handed it to Aertio.

“Whatever,” Aertio scoffed again, taking the rod with him as he left in a storm. Realising the Old Rod could be broken down and reassembled; he haphazardly shoved it in his back as he made his way back to Cherrygrove City. Before they would proceed up Route 30, Aertio would take a stop via the PokeCentre and PokeMart to stock up for their journey ahead. With Growlithe at only level 7 now, they had a lot of training to do.