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Originally Posted by ButterfreeDreamer View Post
I agree! Just because we, as humans, have evolved to have the largest brain size/body size ratio and have developed to become "sophisticated" doesn't mean we can just go kill whatever other species we want. We have no right to do that.
Says who? And why not? I think the fact that we have significant quantifiable intelligence is a pretty good reason why we shouldn't have to treat animals the same as ourselves. Plenty of animals die so that people can live or have a better quality of life. That's fine. And plenty more die from malice, greed, or just general incompetence. That's... tolerable. Animals are not people, no matter how much "animal rights" activists will tell you otherwise. They do not fall under the same ethical standard as humans because they lack those core features which make us human, which make us sacred and worth protecting. The only reason this is even an issue is because some people form emotional attachments to animals (and I'm not just talking about pets, though pet owners are a subset of that group). Well, I have an emotional attachment to my wallet, but that doesn't make it a person, even if it sprouted legs, a cute face, and made whimpering sounds when I opened it. Humans earned their place in the "moral hierarchy" and suggesting that animals are our ethical equals is degrading to our own species. It's suggesting that being human is nothing special, which is something I will never agree with.

Don't get me wrong, environmentalism is important. Protecting our resources is important. But the environment is not the end, it is the means. More specifically, it is the means to our future survival as a species, and perhaps the means to our progress as a species.
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