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    Shadoan began to unfurl his sleeping bag as he glanced at Jack. Moving over to start a campfire, he began to ponder. "Jack... We never did figure out each others wishes or talk about it since we were in Heroes loft... We never even got a chance to hear Julia's wish either before she wondered off... I mean, there are 3 conferences or tournaments, spring, summer and fall, so that's 3 wishes they'll distribute if someone makes it to the top. If you made it, what would you wish for?" The kindled wood began to flicker as he released Light, Ulla, Stella, Jev and Avaith. Avaith crawls over beside the fire, sitting down and staring at the ground in thought and depression as Jev looked at him and looked over at Irek. Irek replied, "Mello broke up with him when Kiba went missing." Jev sat there with an angry expression on his face as he shouted. "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! YOU MEAN I THREW A FIGHT FOR NOTHING!?!?!?!?! SON OF A BURNING BUG SHOVED UP THE ASS OF ARCUES WHERE HE FARTS FLAMETHROWERS OVER EVERYTHING I FLIPPING TRY!" He stomps over into Shadoans bag and digs throw its contents as he pulls out a wooden blue box. Shadoan rushes over to Jev. "Oh no you don't! Celebrations only; we made an a- OW!" Jev punches Shadoans leg as he drops the box and Jev tries to open the locked box. Avaith sighs as he gets up and tackles Jev to the ground as Shadoan picks the box up and puts the box back into his bag. Irek looks at Shadoan and ask's "Whats in the box?" "... It's wine, made from poke berries, several roots and honey... Its pretty sweet but a little strong. My parents gave it to me as a sending away present. Me and my team made an agreement to save it for special occasions." Irek looked at the box and back to Shadoan. "Well, save it for your birthday then, or at least your victory at your first E&S conference."
    Old Cave
    "Warning Labels." The black Smeargul replied. "There's a guardian to a lost valley close by, I wanted to go ahead and plaster warning signs for trainers not to come down here, lest they want to get...killed..... wha-" The black smeargul looked behind him as the ink on the wall peels off and starts to give form to bluish houndours. "SON OF A- RUN! THE GUARDIAN IS POSSESING THE PAINTINGS" The black smeargul takes off like a bullet in the darkness.

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