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    Milly Kaiko
    As the girl to look at her, a mixture of surprise and raw embarrassment colouring her cheeks, Milly tried another grin. However, this feeble attempt to smile faltered when her eyes fell on the tear trails which stained the girl’s cheeks. She hadn’t noticed till now. She had only spared the girl a passing glance as she had entered the room, but up close, the more personal details were showing themselves.

    When Kaiko opened her mouth to require however, the white haired girl turned her head away refocusing on the pages and leaving Milly’s hand to flout in open air without a hope. Dropping it, Milly shuffled on the desk top slightly to become more comfy she quickly fished for ideas on what to do. Should she inquire about the tears? Or should she let it lie? After all she had literary just met this girl and it was probably too early to enquire about such things.

    "U-uhh...I-I'm C-Ch-Cheryll"

    The strained, stuttered sentence broke Milly’s thoughts and looking up from her shoes which she had adverted her gaze to, she nodded. Dipping her head reaction to the girl’s words and partly on her own decision not to ask about the tears, Milly parted her lips to speak again, this time her tone more tentative and less hyper-active-puppy.

    “Cool name. Wish my parents had given me a name like that” she giggled, shuffling on the desk top as she began to swing her legs in the air freely. An act of her own awkwardness, though she disguised it with a happy, relaxed expression.

    “so what are you reading Cheryll?” she enquired once more. She wanted to quickly get away from the subject of the girl’s distress, hoping that whatever it was that had made the young girl cry would be forgotten with this conversation. No one should have to cry on their first day.

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