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Originally Posted by Disturbed View Post
Too bad I didn't notice this earlier. I'm sad now

The only thing I truly excel at is mapping and I was recognized by the community as a fantastic mapper too back when I was more active. Most of the reason I never got Distant off the ground is because I dread anything that's not related to ... well... mapping.

ANYWAYS, if you're still willing to accept any applications (I know you closed apps, but figured I might as well post) I might go ahead and fill one out. If not, I wish you all good luck . Darthy will make a fantastic leader, I'm sure of it.
(And I'll always be around to help out too, if needed)
I'm sorry Disturbed! If you had have got your application in on time, it would have been awesome, but I don't think it would be fair on the other applicants at this point.

Thanks for the kind words, anyway. And I'm sure we will need you to make some awesome maps!


Okay guys, I added up all votes for Fakemon/Gen>3 and this is how it's looking at the moment.

100% of voters do want Generation 4 and 5 Pokemon to be included in some way. Some of these voters mentioned not wanting any of the Gen 1/2/3 Pokemon to be removed from the game. Preferably all Pokemon would remain and all new Pokemon would be added.

55% of voters do not want Fakemon to be included in any way. The remaining 45% were either indecisive or wanted Fakemon to be included.

This vote still isn't closed, so please keep posting. I just thought I should let you all know what's going on.
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