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Originally Posted by Geras32 View Post
Woo! FD is back! Mind if I call ya FD?

Anyway, leech seed FTW.
Yup, calling me FD is okay.

"Bulbasaur, use Leech Seed!"
Bulbasaur's bulb opens and some seeds fly out. The seeds automatically plant themselves under Mankey, and they sprout. Well, that was a waste of an attack. It didn't do anything!
"Man man Mankey!" the Mankey says.
"What is Mankey even saying?" you say. However, you look over at Bulbasaur, and now all of the sudden he looks intimidated. Then you look over at Mankey, and you see an intimidating look in his eyes...Leer. Mankey then attacks using Scratch.
"Bulbaaaaa!" Bulbasaur cries out in pain. Leer must've let Bulbasaur let it's guard down. However, Bulbasaur and Mankey start to glow, and you see some of Bulbasaur's wounds healing. That's what Leech Seed must do, it saps health from the opponent
"This'll help with weakening the Mankey, but since Bulbasaur's much stronger than Mankey, I need to be careful." you tell yourself.

What will Bulbasaur do?
1) Bulbasaur, use Tackle!

2) Bulbasaur, use Growl!
3) Use a Pokeball!

Your Stats
Bulbasaur, Lv11. Moves: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed

5x Pokeballs

No Pokemon are stored currently.

Game Overs:

I lack toast and am tolerant
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