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    Originally Posted by Cerberus87
    Although they already did this with Crystal version which came in 2001 and then RS came in 2002 and had no backwards compatibility...
    That was done because Nintendo didn't manage (or should I say "try") to get GBC and GBA games to work together, not a decision by Game Freak. But since we have proof that 3DS apps can work with DS games (Dream Radar) , and if Streetpass is any indication, they can work with 3DS games as well (meaning that Gen 5 -> Gen 6 migration will probably be through a special 3DS app) let's say we're safe for now .

    Originally Posted by Tielur
    Also the reason that pokemon could not transfer into R/S was because of the addition of natures and ivs.
    If GBA and GBC could connect, even if the changes between Gen 2 and 3 were drastic, what prevented them from putting in a routine that would convert EV/IVs, recalculate stats, set a Nature and Ability at random etc? Or at the very least create a "close enough" Pokémon with the same moves, species, gender etc but with EVs set to 0 and IVs set to some default values? Plus, with Game Freak so bent on insisting that their games are all about trading, putting time and effort in the development of something rather useless (contests) while forgetting all about connectivity with the previous titles is honestly a huge out-of-character moment... unless they had absolutely no means to ensure any kind of connectivity in the first place, in which case they simply had no choice.

    As a programmer, I often have to deal with data conversion at work. Trust me, as long as you have the technical specs for both formats (which GF did, since they designed them) , conversion is rather easy to implement. IMHO, if that's their excuse for not being compatible with Gen 2, then it's rather... pathetic.
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