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    I hope it's not like Hoenn. I prefer industrial areas.

    Funny that people are comparing Unova to Hoenn, as I thought they were two extremes of the same issue. Unova is quite simple to navigate and may not have the sense of getting lost, but Hoenn had very poor path issues which stem from its lack of linearity. I recall that, to get to Meteor Falls you need to take the Fiery Path to Fallarbor, then a route to the left and the south. After you return the Meteorite to Prof. Cozmo, you have two options: do a circle route all the way back to Mauville and to the Fiery Path entrance, where the cable car is located (which is what I think you're supposed to do because there are trainers to fight north of Rustboro), or do the reverse path from Fallarbor through the Fiery Path and then the cable car, which is quite long as well. To make matters worse, you didn't even have Fly at your disposal at that point in the game. It was one of the most glaring examples of poor routing in all of the Pokémon games. Then Hoenn also had the useless Pacifidlog Town and that dreaded route of doom with the fast currents which takes ages to explore without a walkthrough. In light of that, I definitely prefer Unova's approach.

    Well, at least Hoenn had the merit of not making the Town Map completely useless. :D

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