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Originally Posted by KagamiChan View Post
Username: KagamiChan
Version: Pokémon Platinum
Degree Range:Well, since it's the middle of the winter and we got a lot of low temperatures, I got the grand total of 1 degree Celsius ._. so I think I'm in the 15 range xD
How about...
Empoleon, Glaceon, Drifblim, Bronzong, Weavile and Crobat

Crystal Update #3
Kanto Badges Obtained:

As I traveled to the E4, my Eevee finally evolved into an Umbreon. (Too bad that I messed up and forgot to teach it a dark type attack. Now the only thing that it can really do is take hits...) Once there, I easily defeated my rival, bought items, and finally defeated the E4 with some tough fights. Gengar was the star of this show, even if he was fairly low leveled compared to Umbreon at this time. The credits rolled, and I made my way to Kanto. Finding some difficulty with Lt. Surge at the time, I beat Sabrina first (primarily using Umbreon), then Erika (with my low leveled Jynx), Misty (with 'Recoil' the Magneton), and finally Lt. Surge with my Umbreon for the most part. I still have more badges to get, but I thought that this would be a good spot to update.

Current Team:

ブラッキ the Umbreon (M)
Level 51
-Take Down
-Baton Pass
-Quick Attack

アリアドス the Ariados (M)
Level 32
-Poison Sting
-Night Shade
-Scary Face

レアコイル the Magneton
Level 39
-Thunder Shock
-Super Sonic

ニョロジ the Poliwhirl (M)
Level 35

ゲンガー the Gengar (M)
Level 44
-Shadow Ball
-Night Shade (Pre-Agatha)/Dream Eater

ルージュラ the Jynx (F)
Level 37
-Ice Punch
-Powder Snow
-Mean Look

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