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    Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
    55% to 45% is pretty close, considering we have a small sample. I'm wondering, if along the road we will be able to make this vote again. Surely before we start (without a story/setting), it's hard to determine whether or not we need/want Fakemon. As such, it's a wise decision to come back to this question AFTER the story is complete. That way we can come to a consensus having more background on the hack (and knowing if fakemon are sensible in the context of the story).

    By the way, how long will it be until you're going to release the results of the applications?
    As a request, when you reveal who is doing what please include why. I'm actually curious to see your thought process and method of selection.
    I think this a very good idea. Due to the closeness of the Fakemon issue at this point, it would possibly good to continue or revote at a later date once a story has been fleshed out. I think it would be better to have a story and then see if we can fit in Fakemon or if they're not needed rather than creating a story that specifically requires or forbids the inclusion of Fakemon.
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