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Well, the third could be worse than Yveltal and Xerneas combined. We hear about it and at first only gym leaders/e4 are fighting it, meaning we can only battle a few who stay back (so 8 stay back, there's really more than 8, tying in with the more than 8 gym leaders thread) and we go along like a normal trainer like every other game and have struggles like every other game, but you notice bad things occuring in the region as you get closer to the area the legendary is. There's a team but the team is a vigilante team and trying to stop it without gym leaders/e4 knowing. Everyone thinks that they are evil though, given that in the past every region has had an evil team. However! Once you get to the 8th gym and bypass there, you realise what the "evil" team is doing and they explain that they're fighting the evil Pokemon too but the gym leaders/e4 keep getting in their way. Then they tell you why the third mon was evil, which is because its heart was corrupted, a throwback to Colloseum/XD and the third generation in general. Only you can help restore its heart, as gym leaders/e4 notice a fighting spirit within you, or something within you. Then after that you confront the evil Pokemon, and at first you fail. You're disheartened, everyone is disappointed in you, etc, but then the front way out is blocked, so you go the back way, and there you find Xerneas or Yveltal, and together you and the Pokemon go together (and its ability trumps the other Pokemon, somehow) and face the evil Pokemon and purify its heart. Then you go off on your way to defeat the remaining gym leaders, and the elite four - however at that time the "vigilante" team is annoyed that you were heroic and sets out to sabotage you and kidnap your Pokemon specifically etc, so it's effectively like two different stories that tie in really well. In the end you defeat them and stand in the hall of fame~~~~

Could be a nice twist :3

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