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Originally Posted by .EJ View Post
I love the idea you've come up with but we all know GameFreak isn't going to do something relatively elaborate because it's a children's game. Every game has been pretty straightforward and linear...the only game that broke the mold Rampardos has moldbreaker somewhat would be Black & White and its emphasis on story...but that was offset with a extraordinarily linear campaign when compared to previous Gens.
I suppose this is what bothers me a bit when concerning speculation. Not you guys specifically, but we all come up with these awesome and really cool ideas that could be in the games(especially concerning the storyline), and knowing GF, it's kind of doubtful that they would really be super elaborate with things, especially knowing what we've been given in the past has pretty much been the same formula.
  • At the beginning of the game, x happens, causing you to do x, and you get your starter Pokemon
  • You then start your adventure and beat all 8 gyms.
  • You challenge the Elite 4 and the champion, and defeat them.

And that's pretty much it(evil teams included, I almost forgot to mention that), but what I really want is for them to really "break off" from the formula a bit, and test the waters with some new things in X/Y. Who knows, it might really resonate well with the fans~!

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