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So while the Pokedex Pro thread discusses what they could do with the app, and whether it'll integrate into the games or not, this one goes a little deeper and actually discusses the functionality of the normal Pokedex, assuming that it's found in-game like always. Plus everyone's discussing the cost/whether it'll be necessary in the other thread, and this wouldn't really fit in there.

So! How would you feel if you got the pokedex at a different point after getting the starters (if so, what'd be a good reasoning? -- keep in mind that the how you get the starters thread discusses how you'll get the starters so discussing that fits there), do you think they'll update the pokedex and include other information such as sync with wifi and record how many times you've faced or traded that species? Do you think they will still have pokedex skins? Would you rather them be unlocked in-game and selected-from in-game, rather than through Global Link? Is there anything else they could possibly add or improve searching functions? Also, on a similar note and because it fits in, what kind of PokeDex entries do you think there will be for the Pokemon revealed thus far? What if they don't have Pokedex entries - would you mind if they didn't? Discusss~~

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