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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
I kind of felt like a killjoy typing that lmfao but I strongly feel that we're going to get some similar formula or something, which is why I'm not getting my hopes up too much with these games, and I'd like to be pleasantly surprised, if anything.

So far, according to these screenshots, they're definitely different from what we're used to in our traditional main games(what with the screenshot of the main character swinging from a vine and whatnot), seeing as there's probably different methods of exploring, but how far are they really willing to go to break away from what we've been seeing for five generations straight? I at least hope so.
Nah it's cool; sometimes I feel the same way when I keep reminding myself and everyone that GameFreak probably won't add and/or change a WHOLE lot to the games....

.. and I can't help but feel that they'll handhold us through the "new cool features!" like vine-swinging and maybe the roller-skating stuff we've seen as well. That's at least some change!
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