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Originally Posted by .EJ View Post
Nah it's cool; sometimes I feel the same way when I keep reminding myself and everyone that GameFreak probably won't add and/or change a WHOLE lot to the games....

.. and I can't help but feel that they'll handhold us through the "new cool features!" like vine-swinging and maybe the roller-skating stuff we've seen as well. That's at least some change!
See, that's what made me hopeful at first. Hopefully they include rollerskates instead of the bikes, and hopefully they made exploration of caves and everything else different, and hopefully GF continues on the right track that they've made since B/W and made the storyline more interesting, but how much can we hope, if that makes sense? ;O;

But I'm not going to be pessimistic or anything lmao, I like being positive and just hoping for the best in these games. n_n;
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