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Lon Lon Ranch

Chapter One: Part Seven
Master of Disguise

It didn't take long for Nait to fall asleep, and he awoke early the next morning, though it felt like only a blink of an eye. As he stretched and yawned (in cat form, mind you) he realized that he was curled up on the blankets, resting on top of the stranger. Seemingly ironic considering what he was at the moment, but he didn't complain. He climbed down and sat on the nearby windowsil, watching the sun rise slowly in the horizon. "This world is truly beautiful... I wonder why my kind don't feel the same..." Nait's mumbling fell silent as he watched the Cuccos arise, fluttering about and starting to make excessive noise, acting as alarms, and likely waking the boy.

Shortly after the Cuccos, Malon's voice rang from downstairs. "Wake up, it's time for breakfast~!" She had set the table for herself, the boy, and even a milk dish for Nait! Tatal would find a plate of scrambled eggs and sausages waiting on his plate, sizzling and spreading a delicious scent throughout the room.

Nait turned his head. "Good morning, and... By the way... I never got your name."