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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
See, that's what made me hopeful at first. Hopefully they include rollerskates instead of the bikes, and hopefully they made exploration of caves and everything else different, and hopefully GF continues on the right track that they've made since B/W and made the storyline more interesting, but how much can we hope, if that makes sense? ;O;

But I'm not going to be pessimistic or anything lmao, I like being positive and just hoping for the best in these games. n_n;
Yea it makes sense but it gets me doubting GameFreak :/ For example, the first two games of a Gen always seem "mediocre" when compared to the 3rd version which always seems to be the more refined, actual product that it was meant to be.

The exception of course being Gen V where we got sequels instead, but even then...those felt like what Black/White 1 should have been; by incorporating some of our old favorites (pokemon-wise) and making us head to the eastern part of the region which was never touched in Black/White1 PreE4.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is, I hope GameFreak nails it on the first iterations, and not one that comes a couple years later. I'll still have fun with X & Y regardless but food for thought!
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