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    SOLO the LYCAN
    Classroom to Dorm Room

    Chapter One: Part Ten
    Reluctant Beginnings

    Solo turned his head. Apparently his roommate was going to be an issue. "Listen, Fry-whatever, do you think I really give two craps about your breakfast? The only thing of importance in this world is survival; If you trust anyone, or show any mercy, you die. The world is cruel, unforgiving, and full of idiots who can't take five steps without putting someone in danger; in this case, me. No one can be trusted, not even family. It's the people you trust most who hurt you most when they stab you in the back, and they always will. My point is, people like this," Solo lazily gestured to the boy who tripped, "are either going to die, because they can't handle simple concepts of survival, or are going to kill you, and simply feign weakness to lure you into trust. I don't trust anyone but myself, and that's how I've lived this long."

    He paused for a moment. "By the way, top bunk is mine. And if you touch any of my things, I'll beat you. Break something, and I break you." There was a glint of something in his eye for a moment, though the exact emotion was impossible to determine. "If you stay outta my way, I'll stay outta yours. That's the best I can offer you." He turned to the clumsy one. "As for you... If you didn't tell the teacher, then why were you in my room?"

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