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Strongest Normal type eh? Hmm... I think in terms of strength alone it has either be Slaking or Regigas (choosing not to count Arceus 'cos he's a spoil sport!), but obviously they both have drawbacks from their abilities. Then there's Blissey who's probably the most used Normal type, but I wouldn't call what she has strength so much as vitality, so she's out of the question... I think I'll go for Porygon 2, he's an utter beast when it comes to dealing strong attacks and when he's got a boost or two behind him he becomes pretty much unstoppable in no time. Obviously there are areas that let him down, but strength-wise and moves-wise I think Porygon 2 easily outshines a lot of the other Normal types.

(It's strange but whilst making this post I've realised how few Normal types there are in OU! Maybe they aren't as strong as I thought...)