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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
....And speaking of entries, I'd like to get into that, too!

why are they so short???

Forgive me, as I really haven't checked my Black 2 in a good while, but the entries are so ridiculously short about Pokemon that it isn't even funny. I mean, I'm of as much of a shortened description of a certain Pokemon as much as the next guy(actually no lol), but make it more interesting! Point out random facts about the Pokemon, something interesting that they could do, their battle capabilities(lol the competitive part of me is aching for this), something that would keep me really interested in said Pokemon and whatnot. The descriptions really do need a lot of work, and I feel that a lot more could be included. I mean, the Pokedex is pretty much a Pokemon encyclopedia for Arceus' sake, and yet the most it has on a certain Pokemon is probably like two or three sentences and that's it. More please. u__u

Agreed! The pokedex entries have always been so dull, and a properly interesting paragraph on the Pokémon would be so much better than what we currently get. I swear the descriptions these days may as well be "This is a mammal of some sort" or whatever.

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