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    The loud thud that he heard behind him startled Sorae away from his thoughts, and he turned his head to see Milly, who had just waved. "Oh... hey Milly." Volt didn't really feel like conversing right now... instead favoring to do something else. Seeing as Milly was distracted and talking to the white haired girl, he found it as the perfect time to summon something... small. Very small. He would probably summon what he had been working on... well, of course, it was more than one. But the smallest would do just fine. He just needed to have some more practice. Work on it more. He remembered what his father had told him, what he called 'Yasha Theory:'


    "From what I've gathered from other Yashas around the world, you have to start out with the smaller animals and move on bigger and bigger until you get to your goal when dealing with summoning creatures. It makes them a lot easier to summon."

    "Like what?" Sorae had been a bit younger at the time, and had wiggled his toes in curiousity. He hadn't been
    that much younger, but looking back he definitely wasn't as mature.

    "Like... a cat, then a bobcat, and then a lion!"


    "Sure. A lion."

    (Flashback end)

    This, Sorae remembered, had stunned him beyond recognition. But his goal wasn't a lion. And as he opened his third eye, which wasn't pricked by the hair that was put down and could not be seen, the coin that was now in the palm of his hand was warm to the touch. Suddenly, on the desk, there was a living being. One that he had summoned. It was small. Probably curious. Very young... of course, they didn't live too long anyway. No, it wasn't that cat. That cat was too loud to let out now.

    It was a gecko. A small, green gecko, about the size of his middle finger. Best of all, it was extremely quiet. It slowly crawled up Sorae's arm, before fidgeting in his hair. Oh yes. Very, very young, and beyond the notice of anyone in the room. Of course, till it jumped off his head while it seemed like someone was walking in. Quickly catching it and de-summoning it, which was fairly easy as it poofed away without anyone noticing. His third eye closed as he quickly resumed being fairly absent-minded, quietly humming.
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