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It is hard to choose... a few really.

I have to agree with shuckle although at this point I'd say we can't really include it any more.

Electrode is a good one. For similar reasons to Galvantuala... Electro Ball made it pretty awesome.

The ones I find truly underatted though are Wobbuffet and Castform.

Wobbuffet can take a lot of hits and deals double back with each one, not to mention that it can force your hand with encore and has destiny bond to back everything up in case it faints.

Castform is the only pokemon capable of dealing x5 effective damage due to the aforementioned Paras/ect and whilst it doesn't have the greatest stats it is a very versatile pokemon that can deal some rather heavy damage with the right moves and conditions.

oh and I think Fearow is awesome.


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