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Okay, I've no idea what works I have already commented on and which ones I haven't so I'm just gonna go with the flow and comment on random ones. :D
Alright, I'll start with this one. Linework, gurl. It is pretty goddamn amazing. You've gone for darker and wider lines where they're supposed to be like that and the result is just astonishing. The picture, although a bit messy due to all the pokemon in it, is just one of those really awesome ones which manage to have so many different characters without sacrificing the quality of any single one and maintaining unique and interesting poses all the while making it seem natural. I couldn't do something like this even if I tried. So hats off.
This one, like your other pokemon works, has all the qualities that make it a really good pokemon drawing. My only gripe with it would be with the style of shading, though. I could probably see it ending up with a better look if you smudged instead of using straight lines for shading. And yeah, I know straight lines can really work wonders in some works and stuff but it just doesn't fit here, imo. But yeah, just my opinion. :p
It ain't as bad as you're making it out to be, lmao. Though the only thing I'd say about this one is that the straightness of the line which marks the upper portion of her right boob is kinda weird. Left one looks natural. I totally sound like a perv, do I not? I mean, talking only about boobs in a drawing and whatnot. XD; If I had to say anything more about it, I'd say that I like how you do hair. I really, really can appreciate how you put so much time and effort into all the detailing that goes into the hair. I mean, just look at this other one. Breathtaking. You've done hair really well in your drawings till now. Really well. <3;
I really like this one. Her Kimono's been done nicely and I could definitely see japanese women wear something like that sort of pattern on it. The character herself is well done considering the fact that her face does give off an air of tranquility and peace. I mean, not many drawings are able to effectively convey emotions and 'atmosphere' of the drawing, if that makes any sense. My drawings comprise of nothing but lifeless sketches. Yours don't. <3; The second kimono girl wouldn't be someone I call 'realistic', tbh. But if you do compare it to the first which is definitely one which has a anime style going on for it, I can see why you're referring to it as that. :p Though I'd say that I prefer the first one. Second one..well, let's just say that her face and her body do not match. There's nothing wrong anatomically with the upper portion of her body, no. But her face gives off a 'I don't give a ****' look while her body (or the positioning of her hands, in particular) give off a 'Hello sir, welcome!' or something along the lines. For some reason, I can only picture a face with a more 'gentle' look fitting that posture. That's probably just me, though. So feel free to ignore. I really like the patterns used here, though. <3;

All in all, amazing work. You do not disappoint, Alex. <3;