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Thank you Dero, for yet another wonderful critique! :3

I'm planing on redrawing my wild pokemon piece. The main problem in all of my drawings is that I start out with one idea and it morphs into something completely different while I work. This is the case here, as well, because I started drawing the bottom row of Pokemon first. Then it developed a very nurturing and motherly theme with the addition of Kangaskhan and her child. I quickly fell in love with this "celebration of new life" idea but, of course, the piece already had elements that pulled away from that focus. Hence why it feels messy, imo. When I do get around to redesigning this piece, mother Kangaskhan will be in the center with no distractions.

Poo on dat Keldeo. I'm going to move stuff like that into the random pokemon doodle category (like I did with scrafty and scraggy). They just don't qualify for a designated spot in the gallery because they're, well, just doodles. :p

lmao boobs u pervert hohohoho

Just kidding, hun. ;) They are a little lopsided. xD I was trying to avoid a typical perky, squished up to her chin bust. Think Selina Kyle when you look at her. I wanted to keep her a little more refined and less BAM. But that never seems to work out with anime-style art, does it?

I can pinpoint exactly the problem you're having with my second kimono girl right now : she has no pupils. She's missing some fundamental pieces that make her soft, elegant, and feminine. Not that she's lacking those characteristics necessarily, but the "human" element that makes my first version so real isn't present in the second one. She feels empty and almost mechanical, doesn't she? I like how you said she gives off a
Originally Posted by Dero
'Hello sir, welcome!' or something along the lines.
because that really hits the nail on the head. Truthfully, she was never supposed to be a redesign of the first one, but I really wanted to expand on the design in the kimono. I love the birds in the first one (I think they look like little ho-ohs, but dbp would beg to differ ;p) but I think traditional Japanese patterns were lacking in a big way-- so I incorporated them into the second girl. But yes, you are correct, the "realism" was only meant in comparison to the first girl.

What I'm really happy about in your critique, Dero, is the fact that you're picking up on the emotional aspect of my art. You're inherently very empathetic, aren't you? Because this isn't the first time you've interpreted my art exactly the way I intended. Not that my art is so complicated and deep, that its message would escape common folk and only the true scholars among us can find it's true beauty or anything. But like I've said a million times before; I believe that art, in any form, is meant to evoke an emotion. And you are definitely receiving what I'm giving. My drawings are very, very embedded with my feelings -- or just strong feelings in general. I mean, you can't get more powerful than a mother with a new child, can you? That doesn't reflect my personal feelings, as I have no children, but it's still something that evokes a very particular feeling in everyone. I'm so glad you've been able to identify and maybe even relate to some of my drawings here. That's probably why you give such accurate critiques! Moreover, I believe what you're interpreting as inconsistencies has less to do with the technical facets of my art and more to do with how those technical aspects contradict the emotional spectrum. I can draw all of the gentle, womanly kimono girls I want.. but it will never feel like that if I don't make them human (ie; give them damn pupils).

Thank you, Dero. Your comments are always appreciated. You're the best! <33333;

Oh yeah, I added some new stuff to Random Pokemon Doodles too-- but I'm not going to do the whole update thing so ya'll are just gunna have to read this and look for them. >;p