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    Mana Murasaki
    The Espeon girl
    At the Cafetaria

    Mana glared a little in Kilik direction when he told her he'd choose himself what he would do. It was not like she was forcing him. "(wow… rude much?)" Fox said as he sat down and glanced up towards his female trainer, she wasn't going to say it out loud was she?

    Mana sighed and tried to calm down. Kilik left and Valorie eventually followed, then Drake and Mana just came along. It didn't take long for her to forgive Kilik's rudeness and she cheerfully walked between the three others. Having friends was fun~

    As they entered the Cafetaria Mana's eyes fell on a dish with lots of Salmon filets. Mana almost started drooling just looking at that scale full of fish and her kitty mode was activated. Fox smiled and prepared his ice fang. "Look at the fishe-!" Mana got tears in her eyes from the cold on her leg which was combinated with pain and letted out the famous kitty scream. "(I'm sorry…?)" Fox looked concerned. He didn't intended to hurt her that much. "N-No i'm alright, thanks Fox." Mana patted the head of her Glaceon. Ofcourse no one would find this weird, since it was obvious when a Pokémon was concerned about his or her trainer. She followed the others to the other food however, despite of her love for fish.

    Mana felt some tension between Valorie and Kilik all along, rivalry? It was obviously rivalry… the way Kilik tried to convince her earlier, the way Valorie behaves around him, it was so obvious that they were rivals. Drake was a Daycare men, right? Maybe he knows where she can find a growlite!

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