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Thinking about it, it has been a prominent thing in Pokemon games to always have that silent protagonists. I believe it would cause too much conflict within the fans if they gave the characters dialogue, because it would feel a bit too impersonal lol. @_@;

I also remember in the past(I think this was during 4th gen) I wanted something like, when you can partner up with a friend(either IRL or through wi-fi) and do Battle Tower and things of that nature. It really disappointed me that this feature didn't exist in B/W when concerning the PWT, but do you think it's possible that it might make a comeback? Would you want it to make a comeback? And what about having a friend help you out when fighting the evil team or something? Just an interesting thought.

...Though when I think about it, the latter would would a bit too MMORPG-ish. XD
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