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Originally Posted by Pokemaster234 View Post
hmm....I dunno but one thing I would like to see is a breeding class feature.It kinda is a Problem that
ALWAYS that I want to get a Pokemon With a breeding move i need to google,Wiki,or use Pokedex 3D
to know.I dunno. It would be Great.
The fact that most of the things we know about Pokémon today and their background come from the internet is proof enough that the PokéDex lacks information that could very well be provided in the games. The PokéDex has so much potential, but it has always been designed for minimum use.

They don't even need to have lengthy entries on each Pokémon to tell us about them. Different categories could be used instead to go into further detail on where each Pokémon come from, what habitat they live in, what breeding class they're in, and so on.

Actually, I'd love a category that tells us each of their different names based on what language they're translated into. That, and it would also be nice if the size of Pokémon was compared to our own heights rather than the protagonists'.
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