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    Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
    The thing with the Pokemon personalities like bigtukker had introduced and I added to was if one's writing where the professor has more than just one member of the species to hand out. Starting trainers could look over the various Bulbasaur that Oak has for them to chose from and pick a personality that fits them, rather than only having one Bulbasaur to pick from and having the possibility that it won't work well.
    But that essentially ruins any chance for character & Pokemon relationship development.

    If the main character has a choice between the Bulbasaur that is docile and obedient and the Bulbasaur that is brazen and hot-headed, which is going to yield a better experience?

    Readers don't want a vanilla story about how Trainer Bob picks and meets Pokemon that have exactly the right personality to avoid any major conflicts between Trainer and Pokemon. They want a story about how Bob chooses Charmander and struggles to gain his Pokemon's trust because Charmander thinks its Trainer is too inexperienced and then, finally, a turning-point battle/event takes place that proves to Charmander that Bob is a worthy Trainer.

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