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    Originally Posted by twocows View Post
    Well, I'm glad that's been settled. Time for my daily routine of raping, stealing, and murdering! I guess since "good" and "evil" are socially defined, that makes them meaningless and means my actions are completely justified. Your friend's an idiot.
    Funny you should say that, because here is what Person A said about the moral issue:

    "To answer, morals are basically rules that we create in our head so that we don't go around killing people, Which is our original animalistic behaviour (At least, that's what I think)."

    "Morality can be different for each person; It's not the same for everybody; Neither does it fall into the hands of a deity because the deity could say that rape and murder could be considered as 'good'."

    "Although, you have to ask, what's stopping me from doing what people consider to be "bad" or "good"?"

    "I don't believe in morality tbh."

    "Plus, I'm a nihilist, so, there's really no point."

    And here's what Person B says:

    "Indeed... though the chances of US thinking that are somewhat unlikely; at least, in my case, black and grey morality."

    "Ok, take black and white morality for example. The notion that everything is either good or bad. In black and grey, this is the notion that things are bad, and the good aren't necessarily good either; so, for example, true evil acts, with the 'good' guys being *******s to boot."

    In short, saving the environment may not be considered good nor evil.
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