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    Originally Posted by .EJ View Post
    @Pinkie: I laughed when they mentioned "nihilist". How old is this "Person A"? Just sounds like an edgy teenager that picked up a philosophy book. There are so many counterarguments to that philosophy.
    Person A has been a nihilist since he was 10, but he says he's a positive nihilist. He never read a philosopher book. He admits that he likes the environment; he's just saying that it can't be saved by us. As for counterarguments, here's what he said:

    "Yup, nothing's stopping me from murdering or anything. So, why haven't I killed anyone yet?"

    "It's that very kind of judgement made by people who have morals that tick me off. And, there are so many counterarguments to all philosophies. Fixiating on just one isn't good."

    "Anyways, you don't need morals. If you do, then go ahead have them. But I don't. What good will killing people do me? Nothing. That's my thought process. Also, what good will it do anyone? (Well, if it was Hitler, maybe...) Nope."
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