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    Micah Roran ~ Micah's Dorm
    Shaka Shaman ~ THUNDER Arena

    Micah noticed the layout of the battle menu change, showing the new allies' names in green, as opposed to the grey of before. Also, it gave him a box to type in as a sort of instant messaging to the whole party, so he wouldn't have to send individual messages anymore. Before he could come back to the fight, however, twelve arrows pierced the demon's chest. It went down in a rain of pixels, with the exp being magnetized straight to Shaka. Pepperton ran forward and nabbed a pair of really beat up gauntlets, presumably a drop from the demon. She spoke through her mic to Micah.

    "Get back," she said to him, "White Mages are not frontal fighters, they are healers. You help us. Keep us healthy so we don't die. Because if we die, you die. And you," she turned to the monkey and tossed the Rusted Knuckles at him. "Don't be lazy."

    Thanks, typed Micah into the message bar, And yeah, yeah, I know the drill.

    Shaka Shaman took a few steps back, letting everyone fall in front of him. To his right, the dragon Ryuujinx felled another demon with some form of black magic. Ahead, mokeyboi_89 was mumbling to Pepperton. His health bar was lower than the rest of the party, so Shaka gave him the basic heal spell. It recovered him back to around 9/10ths health, but before Shaka could heal him a second time a werewolf looking daemon darted by taking on a gorilla monster.

    Wearing heavy armor, the werewolf, who was named Atreyu, soaked up damage fairly well. His health however dropped lower than anyone else's presently, making him the top priority for Micah. Shaka cast one last Heal on mokeyboi_89, then turned back to Atreyu. He sent a volley of heals his way too, trying to keep up with the damage he was taking. The spells were just barely short of nullifying damage, only bringing Atreyu's health to a slow decline.

    [Party Chat Box]

    Shaka Shaman: I got you brotozoia

    Micah would have to keep his attention on Atreyu for the time being if he desired to keep his health bar up.

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