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Just beat Skyla with my newly trained Eelektross. Level grinding before I take the plane over to Lentimas.

OT: Asuna
ID: 20735
Pokedex: 127
Badges: 6

Yamamoto Lv44
Careful @ Charcoal
Fire Fang | Outrage
Heat Wave | Crunch
Waiting until Lv56 to learn Flare Blitz before I evolve him.

Bolin Lv40
Quirky @ Lucky Egg
Crunch | Rock Slide
Dig | Foul Play
Trying to catch him up to everyone else before continuing.

Petulia Lv44
Timid @ Miracle Seed
Quiver Dance | Giga Drain
Magical Leaf | Synthesis

Concubine Lv44
Timid @ Quick Claw
Thunderbolt | Acrobatics
Volt Switch | Crunch
Wish I had better TMs to teach these guys better moves! Oh well, they'll be waiting for me on Victory Road.

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