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    Cheryll Renee Moreau

    Cheryll sighed quietly as she turned another page in her Youkai History book. This wasn't the first time she had read this book, not even the second or the third. She had read that book over two hundred times. If one looked close enough it was obvious the book was old and had been read multiple times but still cared for. As she stared at the first paragraph on Mermaids she heard Milly's voice giggle “Cool name. Wish my parents had given me a name like that” glancing at the older girl from the corner of her eye she saw the girl sitting on a desk swinging her legs. “so what are you reading Cheryll?” Milly asked.

    "I-it's m-my favorite.." Cheryll muttered shyly "o-on Youkai H-History" she continued to stutter. She really needed to get used to talking to people, but that was easier said than done. I have to try she thought looking at Milly. "D-Do y-you l-like b-books?"

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