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Kion Gavin - Cafeteria

So she's of human descent as well, huh? I guess there are more of us here than I thought, the young mage said to himself. He was actually quite surprised, though so far he'd only known of three students that were from the human realm (himself included); he was starting to reconsider whether throwing away his humanity was a good idea. Maybe there was a place for humans in this school; if there were, than there'd be hope for youkai in the human realm. Without the disguises, that is. Really, the idea of a school designed to teach youkai to live as humans so that they can coexist with the humans seemed...odd to Gavin. It felt wrong. It was not something you'd think any youkai would truly want, hiding themselves for the sake of human ignorance. Disgusting.

Eva awakened Gavin from his brooding by telling him that it was almost time for class and asking him if he wanted to go to class with her. Upon realizing how much time had passed, Gavin's gaze shot back to his food, and a wave of regret had come over him. What lay in front of Gavin were three strips of bacon, two pancakes with slightly hardened butter on top, a half-eaten piece of sausage that bathed in a small pool of blood, and a chilled milk carton with condensation forming at its sides. But, "Carpe Diem", as Gavin would always say. He took the sausage, as well as the three pieces of bacon, and wrapped them in the two blankets of pancake. He the scarfed it down, his eyes darting to Eva, hoping not to disgust her. Finally, he took the milk and washed it down. The taste of blood mixed with some type of milk and strange meat was certainly a unique experience for Gavin.

It didn't taste very good.

Luckily, his mother was the type to make him eat what was good for him, regardless of if he wanted it or not. She was a strong woman, that she was. Even being the demon that he was, Gavin prayed for her everyday. He wasn't religious, but he believed that there was some sort of god, for her sake he prayed to that god every night.

After wiping his face with a napkin in a somber manner (well, as somber as you can be after scarfing down a pancake sandwich the way he did), and said, "Well, I'm not sure if I have class with you..." He looked at a clock mounted on a nearby wall. It didn't seem as if he had time to be going to the wrong class. "...But it'd be my pleasure to accompany you."

With that, the two emptied their trays and placed them on top of the trashcans. It wasn't necessarily what they were supposed to do, but it was what Gavin did at his previous high school, so he saw no reason to change. The two promptly made their way out of cafeteria and into the main building. It was a relatively quiet walk to the class. Eva didn't make much eye contact with Gavin and even stayed a small distance away from him as they walked. Gavin didn't feel awkward about this, though; he liked dealing with silent types. He often called it "psychotic" how he could gain confidence off of the discomfort of others. Still, Gavin wasn't the best at making conversation either, so most of the topics he brought up were short-lived. Still, he enjoyed it nonetheless, she was the closest thing he had to a friend. A non-violent, non-blackmailing friend, that is.

When they arrived, there weren't too many youkai in the classroom. "Looks like we're early," Gavin said with a smile. He still wasn't sure if he was in the right class, but he didn't think he had enough time to go back to the dorm and check, so he took a seat in the front row and opened his spell tome in wait.

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