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Username: KagamiChan
Version: Pokémon Platinum
Degree Range: 15̊ - Water, Ice, Ghost, Steel, Dark, Poison
Pokémon: Empoleon, Glaceon, Drifblim, Bronzong, Weavile, Crobat

♥ Started with a lot of Soft-Resetting because I wanted a Female starter. Lucky me she also turned out to have decent IVs and a good nature.
♥ Rushed through the whole tutorial thingy.
♥ Delivered the Parcel, got a map
♥ Obtained the Pokétch and an Old Rod
♥ Rushed to the Ravaged Path and tried catching a Zubat. Accidently fainted a few before I encountered Dokugai who was also female and has a decent Nature and surprisingly decent IVs as well.
♥ Placed Dokugai in front of my party and went on a training/battling spree followed by a whole lot of running around with Fast Forward Toggle On in order to increase friendship.
♥ Reached Oreburgh Gate. Caught a Psyduck for HM using purposes. Went into Oreburgh, looked for Roark in the Mines then evolved Asatsuyu by battling geodudes like crazy.
♥ Took advantage of the Gym battle to boost Dokugai’s friendship some more. Taught Rock Smash to a Bidoof I had caught earlier and grabbed Flash from the Gate basement.
♥ Went back at the Ravaged Path, smashed some rocks, battled some trainers and finally reached Floaroma Town.
♥ Healed up my Awesome Duo, picked up some Berries then went at the Valley of Windworks where I battled this puny Galactic Grunt that proceeded to lock himself in after losing, not forgetting to tell me who had the key >.>
♥ Went over at the guy with the Honey and smashed some more grunts. And go figure, they dropped the key.
♥Back at the Valley, I unlocked the door and the Grunt that had locked it before runs away like the scaredy cat he is >.>
♥ I’m taking advantage of more battles to increase Dokugai’s friendship then proceed to beating the commander whatever she way and her ugly fat cat, thus saving the scientist.
♥ I then find out that Drifloon comes around once a week, but they didn’t know when. Being a know-it-all, I knew it would come on Friday. And go figure, I was half an hour away from Friday. So I spent that time smacking Pachirisu and Buizel and Shellos with Dokugai for some more friendship and level increase.
♥ Finally, Drifloon shows up. I save and proceed to battle it. But it’s male and I don’t wanna ruin my so far perfect female-only team. So I proceed to soft-resetting. Again and again and again... and again... and again until finally run into a female Drifloon. I capture her and name her Yuukai. And I’m pleasantly surprised that it also has a not half bad nature and quite alright Ivs apparently. So far so good.
♥ Using Yuukai, I clear my way towards Eterna Forest, taking ocasional trips back to the Poké Center (for the extra steps thus extra happiness)
♥ I team up with the pretty lady with a Chansey and we proceed to battling things, taking advantage of mobile Poké Center.
♥ Grabbed a Cascoon and evolved it into Dustox for Flash and Defog purposes later on then I kept abusing the mobile Poké Center until my Dokugai evolved into Golbat and then, later on into Crobat.
♥ Finally reached Eterna City.
♥ Seems like the Gym Leader was waiting for me. Since my sweet little Asatsuyu was at a disadvantage, I cleared the Gym with Yuukai’s Gust and Dokugai’s Wing Attack, thus obtaining my second badge.
♥ After the battle, Chihou, the hyperactive friend/rival/neighbour bumps into me once again and forces me to see some old statue where I grab a Draco Plate >.> <.<
♥ Obtained Cut HM from Cynthia. Taught Cut to my trusty Bidoof then proceeded to beating up Galactic Grunts all the way up to the Bike Shop owner whose Pokémon were held captive/
♥ Healed up at the Poké Center then saved.

Badge Case

Current Team:

Level: 24
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Modest
Characteristics: Often lost in thought.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes dry food.
Hold Item: Quick Claw
◦ Bide
◦ Peck
◦ BubbleBeam
◦ Metal Claw
Stats: HP-65 | Attack-37 | Defense-41 | Sp. Attack-56 | Sp. Defense-42 | Speed-33 |

Level: 24
Ability: Aftermath
Nature: Mild
Characteristics: Good Perseverance.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes dry food.
Hold Item: Soothe Bell
◦ Stockpile
◦ Astonish
◦ Gust
◦ Payback
Stats: HP-82 | Attack-31 | Defense-25 | Sp. Attack-44 | Sp. Defense-26 | Speed-43 |

Level: 24
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Rash
Characteristics: Likes to relax.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes dry food.
Hold Item: None
◦ Wing Attack
◦ Confuse Ray
◦ Bite
◦ Astonish
Stats: HP-82 | Attack-53 | Defense-45 | Sp. Attack-46 | Sp. Defense-44 | Speed-71 |

P.S. I only just noticed, but apparently, all my to-be HM slaves are Female too o.O that wasn't intended, it just happened o.O

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.

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