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    Heads up, guys, we've got another XY rumor from 4chan on our hands, and this one's about Eevee:

    >The new Pokemon of the film is called Ryuuvui (リュウブイ). Its Species is Evolution (しんか), the same as Eevee. It's 1.3 m and 33.2 kg.

    There are actually THREE Ryuuvui appearing within the film, as it appears to be a Multi-Form Pokemon. They all have basically the same appearance, basically Ryuuvui is a bipedal, dragon/canine creature with Eevee's ears, dog-like paws, a long dragon tail, white spikes on its back, and large dragon wings. The difference is their color scheme, and the style of a "beard" it has around its neck, as well as type.
    >Showers Form (シャワーズのすがた). Bluish body, light-tan on the inside of its wings. Has a white, fin-ridged beard.
    >Thunders Form (サンダースのすがた). Yellow body, black on the inside of its wings. Has a spiky, white lightning-bolt beard. Dragon/Electric.
    >Booster Form (ブースターのすがた). Orange body, dark-bluish inside of the wings. Has a tan, fluffy beard.

    Ryuuvui is described as exceeding evolution, and it seems that it actually evolves from the other Eeveelutions, or at least the original three, which decides what Form it takes. The magazine has a little sidebar showing the other Eeveelutions, and speculates if there may be other Forms of Ryuuvui yet unseen.

    Team Plasma appears within the film and are involved with a battle with a new villain named Double (ダブル), a dude with red-and-blue braided hair that forms a double helix within the city. The three Ryuuvui belong to Double and battle against the Genesect, with Ash and co., as well as the rest of the city, caught in the middle. The movie hints that both villains are searching for something within the city. The full film is called The Extreme Speed Genesect VS Exceed (the Exceed is written out in English, with an orange, yellow, and blue E super-imposed on top of one another) Evolution Ryuuvui (神速のゲノセクトVSエクシード進化リュウブイ)

    > X/Y Information only includes artwork of the male and female protagonists, Sugimori Art of the three Ryuuvui Forms as well as showing them in-game against the three Starters. Thunders Form is fighting Chespin, Showers Form is fighting Froakie, and Boosters Form is fighting Fennekin.
    > There is a little poster showing Pikachu and the Gen VI Starters drawn in Anime Style. There's the Pokemon Anime Logo with (X TとO Y) written underneath it, with と between the T and O. Seems to be a pun, as the title can be read as "X and Y", or "X To Y".
    > There are three silhouettes said to be revealed next month. One looks very angular and birdlike, one has a wide bottom and a thin top (like a potted plant?), and the last one is looks humanoid-shape with spikes.