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    Xeye's vision slowly returns to her, gradually changing from back to a dull blur before the full color and detail of her surroundings find their way to her eyesight. However, the recovery of her vision didn't answer another problem. The girl's head throbs with blunt pain on the side of her head that happened to have a make-out session with the ground. Why is she in pain? Why is she on the ground? Why... is this town so ugly? Wait a second...

    "...This really hurts!" she realizes, sitting herself up to rub her ailing cranium.

    Her eyes zoom around the landscape, taking in the derelict town in front of her before her vision passes over the scene of two people mingling to explore the scenery behind her: a vast, open landscape of fields, farms and trees that detail the fading from civilization towards the untamed wilds.

    "What is this place? ...What's that!?" her gaze shifts upward, inspecting the architecture of the town's gate, which, surprisingly, are quite artistic in design, contrasting with the dull architecture across the rest of the town.

    "Oh!" she locks onto the barked plant above her: a tall tree with large branches growing out all across its trunk. She must've fallen out of the tree.

    The half-elf's memory rolls back to yesterday, recalling the events that transpired at the Crappy Crud or whatever that stupid tavern place was called. Her gang had vacated the bar's insides and were about to set out on their own to reconvene later the day after. Wolf Pops had left with Apples over his shoulders and told everyone to fend for themselves. It was a sensible course of action, and one that she suspects is typical of the gang's operation, using it gives them all a sense of independence and also prevents one of the mercenaries to become too reliant on the assistance of others to maintain job efficiency.

    "What are you, mad?" she recollects Wolf Pops' words earlier yesterday. "Are you fixing to get a price on our heads? Or hanged?!"

    "Well... I-uh..." Xeye stammered for words, briefly remembering that she actually DOES have a bounty on her head, and igniting that one guy back in the bar might not help her keep the low profile she's been after. She wisely kept this fact secret from Wolf Pops, her face depressed by his remarks on her proposed actions.

    He later continued as the rumbling of guards was heard in the distance. "Alright. Do what you want. I care not . But mark me. Tomorrow upon the dawn, we set out on the job. If you're not present, I'll take it as a sign you've decided to part ways. That, or you're in the dungeon. Or dead. Whatever the reason, we take off without you."

    "Eeeheeheheheehee!!" she giggled in delight as Wolf Pops and Apples took to the streets in retreat. "Guess that means yeeeeeeeeesssss!!"

    Her gleerful delight brought her up to the tavern, swinging her axes twice across its surface, cutting open a deep gap into the bar's walls while releasing a stream of flames with each swing of her axes. The act therefore set that portion of the bar ablaze, grinning childishly over her labor before she scurried off into the streets like a squirrel.

    What happened after that was fairly inconsequential. After successfully escaping the stampede of angry guards in the pursuit of bringing order to the town, she found a small joint that served grilled and spiced meats: an attraction that Xeye just couldn't refuse. Her meal gave her awful heartburn later, but the tastiness was worth it, as the rest of her day was spent scrounging around for drinkable water, a commodity that was far too difficult to find in a urban hub. Her day left her in an exhausted daze, grappling with an angry esophagus and dealing with the crazy townsfolk who all seemed to be suffering from dramatic mood swings or who were just unpleasant people. She found herself at the tree right by the city gates after deciding that the inns available in town were full of strange men who never left her alone or were ran by cranky grampas who yelled at her for all sorts of crazy reasons. The tree looked nice at the time, so she had thrown herself up into the boughs of the large tree, left hidden by the camouflaging leaves as she drifted to sleep right by the place Wolf Pops designated as their meeting place the following day.

    "Oh!" Xeye's memory snaps back to her, recognizing that her rude awakening resulted from her curved body slipping from the tree before colliding with the hard road below her. Her head still hurts though, rubbing the sore spot to distract herself from the pain. However, the bright side of this situation is that she's up early and is likely to be on time for Wolf Pops' appointment.

    "Who were those people?" she remembers, dialing back to the figures she spotted earlier convening at the city gates. "Oh! Wolf Pops!"

    Xeye leaps on onto her feet, excited by her recognition of their gang leader. She stumbles slightly as she approaches him, still delirious from her fall, but she collects herself, righting her posture and continues prancing towards Wolf Pops like an excited child.

    "Hey! Hey hey hey! Wolf Pops! Hi!" she yells, scrambling towards the two men's positions with a ridiculously blissful smile beaming towards her gang leader. "Heeelloooooo!!!"

    Her eyes don't stay fixed on the Highman for long, identifying the strange, cloaked man they met yesterday who offered them their job. He's the whole reason why their gang decided to gather here in the morning.

    "Oh! Hi there Mister Cloaked Guy!" she exclaims excitedly, waving obnoxiously in the air despite him being a mere meter or so away from her. "What're you up to? Why are you here? Is this about this job thing you offered us? Huh? Is it?"
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